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7 DAYS 6 NIGHTS OF ITALY, VATICAN, FRANCE, MONACO  Destination: Venice – Rome – Vatican – Arezzo – Florence – Pisa – Genoa – Monaco – Nice Cannes – Avignon – Paris – Paris Lucerne – Milan 

Only 78 Euros / Day / Pax (Minimum 2 People Have Certainly Departed)

ITINERARY: You can choose pick up and delivery facilities to the hotel at a cost of 40 Euros / pax / way. You can also add Pre Accommodation facilities at a cost of 100 Euros / pax.

Hari 1: Venice – Rome (550 km) 

Spend your morning accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide as you explore the city of Venice, the most amazing city. Start by riding a waterbus to San Marco Island, a fascinating lagoon crossing that will give you the charm of the city as you approach beautiful towers and distinctive riverfront buildings. After arriving on the island, you will be taken around in some of the most famous places in Venice, starting in Piazzo with the Basilica di San Marco, an amazing work of Byzantine architecture. You will also see the legendary Bridge of Sighs, often appearing on postcards or pictures of Venice and linking the old prison to the interrogation room at Doge's Palace. After that, you will have the chance to see some of the traditional Venetian handicrafts up close and a live performance by Murano glazers; their beautiful creations make extraordinary crafts. Of course, the main and famous activity in Venice is riding Godola, for most people, this optional tour is something we highly recommend following, Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Next we return to Rome in the afternoon.

Minimum 3 ★★★ Hotels in Rome or the nearest city

Hari 2: Rome – Vatikan – Arezzo (280 km) (Breakfast) 

Your day in Rome begins with a visit to the smallest country in the world, the Vatican, which is located in the heart of Italy. Here you will see St. Peter's Basilica, home to Pope Francis and arguably the most amazing relic in the history of Christianity. A very beautiful basilica has been here for almost 1,700 years and contains a collection of paintings and intricate designs created by some of the most famous artists in the world that you can explore. Or, you can choose to add the Optional Sistine Chapel Tour to see Michelangelo's famous ceiling. Next you will see the famous Trevi Fountain, the luxurious Baroque exhibition where people flock to throw coins in the water - an activity believed to ensure you will return to this city again someday. After lunch, we will be taken back to the past, visiting an unforgettable Roman legacy in Italy, the coliseum. The optional Coliseum guided tour, which was built in AD 72, is highly recommended. History comes to life when you imagine yourself watching the gladiatorial battles inside the spectacular Amphitheater, or you can walk outside to explore the Most Antic's facade of the world's most magical wonders. After the Coliseum, move to the nearby Arch of Constantine, dating from the fourth century AD, then spend your free time enjoying the City of Rome, tasting the delicacy of rich and soft Italian "gelato" ice cream. Next, you can visit the magnificent Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri near Piazza della Repubblica before returning to Arezzo late at night to take a break from your busy activities.

Minimum 3 ★★★ Hotels in Arezzo or the nearest city

 Hari 3: Arezzo - Florence - Pisa - Genoa (250 km) (Breakfast) 

Your journey continues to the City of Florence, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and home to some extraordinary architecture and fine arts. Start your day with a panoramic view of the beautiful city of Piazzale Michelangelo, which offers beautiful views on the red roof, the Arno River, and the ancient city walls that lead to the surrounding countryside. Next you can see a demonstration of traditional leather craft and you will have the opportunity to buy some of the city's famous high-quality leather goods. From here you will enjoy guided walks around Florence, including the Ponte Vecchio over the Arno, Piazza del Duomo and the Campanile Tower. You will pass the Uffizi Gallery, which contains one of the most famous art collections in Florence. You will have free time to see the wonders of the city further, shop or browse from a roadside cafe, before traveling to your next destination, Pisa. Here you are given free time, make sure your camera is ready to make the Leanest Tower unique in the world, the famous bell tower in the 'Square of Miracles', which also contains a centuries-old Cathedral and Baptistery, after which we will move to the nearest city in Genoa at night to stay overnight. Please note we will not stay in Genoa and will not visit the city of Genoa.

Minimum 3 ★★★ Nearest hotels in Genoa

Hari 4: Genoa – Monaco – Nice – Cannes – Avignon (450 km) (Breakfast) 

A pleasant journey along the very famous Mediterranean coastline in Europe, Monaco. This small kingdom, surrounded by the beautiful François chicane, is home to the famous Formula 1 Grand Prix. A walking tour here will take you to the Grand Prince's Palace, where you will have free time to enjoy the luxury of the atmosphere, before continuing to see the 1920s Courthouse, Cliffside Oceanographic Museum, and the Cathedral, where Grace Kelly is located. We then travel a little further to visit the famous Fragonard Perfume Factory. Here you will be taken on an interesting guided tour around the factory. Next, Nice, where you will stop for lunch to sample some delicious local cuisine and warm hospitality. Your journey continues to Cannes, where many film stars have enjoyed the scent of success here. Be sure to take the opportunity to take some interesting photos from the Palais des Festival, home to the annual international film festival in the city, before we head to the nearest city of Avignon. Please note that we will not stay in Avignon and we will not visit the city of Avignon.

Minimum 3 ★★★ Hotels in the nearest city of Avignon

Hari 5: Avignon - Paris (700 km) (Breakfast) 

Rest well today as you sit and enjoy the beautiful views of the French countryside along the way to Paris, France. Enjoy the atmosphere of the city of Paris in the afternoon until night to the nearest hotel in Paris.

Minimum 3 ★★★ Hotel di Paris atau kota terdekat 

Hari 6: Paris - Lucerne (650km) (Breakfast) 

After boarding a bus in Paris, sit down and enjoy a beautiful journey through the classic French countryside on a trip to the Swiss mountains. You will pass Basel, which is at the point where the borders of Switzerland, France and Germany meet, before arriving in the beautiful lakeside town of Lucerne, located at the foot of the snow-capped Swiss Alps. Here you will see famous buildings in Lucerne, including the Chapel Bridge, the Water Tower, and some well-preserved Baroque and Gothic architecture, then free time for shopping or taking pictures. Overnight in Lucerne or Zurich.

Hotel: Holiday Inn Express Affoltern am Albis, Arcade Hotel, atau Setara 

Hari 7:  Lucerne– Milan –Venice (400 km) (Breakfast)

Head for the southern European part of Lucerne, spectacular Switzerland to Italy, where the first stop is the City of Milan, the fashion capital of the world. You will be taken to see iconic sights in the city, including the vast Gothic cathedral (Duomo). You will also see the oldest shopping center in the country, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which dates back to the 19th century. You are given free time to browse or shop at the boutique shops as well as lunch time. After visiting the city of Milan, you will head to another historic city of Italy: Venice.

Note: - On the last day you will be dropped at the Hotel Group and there are no lodging facilities (Post Accommodation)
- Pre Accomodation and Post Accomodation Facilities are 100 Euros / room each
- The cost of delivery or pickup facilities from the airport to the hotel or vice versa is 40 Euros / Trip / person
 3/4 star International Standard Hotel
 Breakfast Every Morning
 International Tour Bus / SIC Coach English Speaking Tour Guide

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 Schengen Visa
 Tips & Guide Driver
 Optional Tour
 City Tax / Entrance

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