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Only 78 Euros / Day / Pax (Minimum 2 person guarantee Departure)

You can choose the Pick Up and Delivery Facility to the Hotel cost 65 Euro / pax / way (Min. 2 Pax) Can also add Pre / Post Accommodation Facilities a fee of 150 Euro / Room

Day 1: Paris → Avignon (690 km)

In the morning, you will leave Paris for Provence France, Avignon and will arrive at dusk. Provence, which is charming, warm and comfortable with gentle breezes and wild sea waves. Its diverse land, featuring beautiful views of hills, winding mountains, and lively metropolises, all of which are always enchanting are truly different from France. The most interesting is the air that contains the scent of lavender, thyme, pine, etc., making it a unique natural scent that you cannot find anywhere else. Stay overnight in Avignon or the nearest city.

Day 2: Avignon → Gordes → Abbaye de Sénanque → Avignon (200 km) (Breakfast)

Your morning is filled with Avignon City Tour. This is a well-preserved city surrounded by ancient and antique buildings, one of which is the Papal Palace (Palais Des Papes) and the Pont Saint-Benezet Bridge (The Pont Avignon). By the 14th century, the Royal Throne had risen so as to raise the kingdom of France, making Avignon the second Catholic capital. The Occupational Palace which is part of the largest and most influential medieval Gothic architecture of its era, was built in 1334. Browse this magnificent relic down the wall until you find the Saint-Bénezet Bridge, which when recorded as a UNESCO heritage site. In the afternoon, you visit the charming stone town of Gordes in Mayle 'A Year in Provence'. The name of the city of Gordes which means "suspended village" is one of the prettiest villages in France. Like the City that was built on the Clouds so that it was crowned as a City above the Sky. All buildings in this mountain village are from the Middle Ages, all built of limestone. Next, you will be taken to the Monastery of Sénanque, you can find its lavender fields, although not the largest in Provence, but only once a year in Provence and become one of the attractions in this region. Stay overnight in Avignon or the nearest city.

Day 3: Avignon → Arles → Barcelona (500 km) (Breakfast) Morning

In the morning after breakfast, you will depart for Arles, a city famous for Vincent van Gogh. The city of Arles was also one of the important cities in the early Roman period, and as a result, kept a number of Roman relics, Van Gogh also provided considerable changes. Although he only lived for one year (1888-1889) in a local sanatorium, many works who successfully created it; He produced around 200 oil paintings, the most famous being 'Bedroom in Arles,' Pe 'and Terrace Terrace Café at Place du Foreum'. You can follow in the footsteps of Van Gogh, up to the Langlois Bridge and also the Café that contains his paintings. After the visit, you will cross the Mediterranean road in southwestern France, cross the Franco-Spanish border, and head to the famous coastal city of Barcelona, which is the capital of the Spanish province of Catalonia. Stay overnight in Barcelona or the nearest city.

Day 4: Barcelona (Breakfast)

In the morning, you will be taken to the warm and charming coastal city of Barcelona. Upon arrival, you will visit the Columbus Monument and Las Ramblas, followed by Sagrada Família, which is the largest Roman Catholic Church in Barcelona, designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. Gaudí's unique, colorful decorations and fairytale stories can be seen throughout the city and make the place feel like an artist's fantasy. Then head to a photo stop at Camp Nou, a football stadium in Barcelona, which has been the home of FC Barcelona since it was completed in 1957. You will also visit Estadi OlímpicIluís Companys, the main stadium for the 1992 Summer Olympics located in Montjuic, a large hill in Montjuic southwest of Barcelona, overlooking the city. The remaining time is spent at the busy Plaza Catalonia, where you can have free time and shop. You can also visit the Montserrat Monastery at your own expense. Stay in Barcelona or nearby. (Please note: we recommend that you buy a ticket for Sagrada Familia Online) at; Suggested time: 13:00 - 13:30)

Day 5: Barcelona → Andorra → Lourdes (480 km) (Breakfast)

After breakfast, you will head to the Kingdom of Andorra. This mini country is located between Spain and France, between the Pyrenees Mountains, stretching just over 468 square kilometers. It's covered with mountains, steep terrain and an average height of 1996 meters above sea level, it's no wonder that its capital, Andorra has been named "the highest capital in Europe". Andorra has natural beauty and is famous as a European ski resort. Standing in Alun-Alun, you can see beautiful views of the valley and mountains. Here is also a tax-free shopping paradise for tourists. Late in the afternoon, you will cross the Pyrenees and enter France, heading to the city of Lourdes pilgrimage. Stay overnight in Lourdes or the nearest city.

Day 6: Lourdes → Bordeaux (250 km) (Breakfast)

The morning after breakfast, you will visit the Lourdes pilgrimage site, which is famous for the apparition of Maria 150 years ago. After the apparition, endless medical miracles occurred in this place, attracting more than 5 million pilgrims every year to visit Lourdes. The city is surrounded by mountains and some very beautiful scenery. You will then head to the world wine center: Bordeaux. Here you will visit the mandatory wine center here and wine tasting. You will witness a vast expanse of vineyards, so that Bordeaux is believed to be the source of wine making in the world. Visitors interested in wine can taste and buy wine here. After that, you will be taken to Bordeaux city center, to visit the Bordeaux Theater and Quinconces Square. Here is the second largest square in Europe, marking the center of this city. There is a name with the shape of a plum flower arranged by two rows of trees. The towering monument in the middle was built to commemorate the Girondis who were prosecuted during the French Revolutionary Period. You will then have free time in the busy city center, and transfer back to the hotel after dinner. Stay overnight in Bordeaux or the nearest city.

Day 7: Bordeaux → Chambord → Paris (590 km)

In the morning you will head north to the world-famous Loire Valley. The Loire, called the mother of all French rivers, is the longest in France with a length of 1020 kilometers. On either side of the valley lies the famous Loire castle. In the afternoon, you will visit the most beautiful area in the Chambord Palace. Built by Francis I, King of France, in 1519 to show off his strength and the glory of the kingdom. He invited Master Leonardo da Vinci from Italy and other artists, and instilled great Italian art and Renaissance architectural style in France. Now, the Chambord Palace is a treasure of the French National Heritage, and was registered as a UNESCO heritage site in 1981. After completing the Visit, you will return to Paris and arrive at around 7:00 pm in the City of Light, Paris. Options: If you have booked the Post Accomodation, the tour participant will spend the night in Paris or the nearest city.

- On the last day you will be dropped at the Hotel Group and there are no lodging facilities (Post Accommodation)
- Pre Accomodation and Post Accomodation Facilities are 150 Euros / room
- The cost of delivery or pickup facilities from the airport to the hotel or vice versa is 65 Euros / Trip / person (Minimum person)
- Oresundstunnlen Terminal Fee not included (around 5 € / way / pax)
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